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      火山名稱 警報級別 所屬地域 火山狀態
      FourpeakedUNASSIGNEDAlaska PeninsulaThe Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) has experienced failures of all monitoring instruments and stations at Fourpeaked Volcano and can no longer seismically monitor unrest at this volcano. As a result AVO is unable to (1) assess whether this ...
      FrostyUNASSIGNEDAlaska PeninsulaOn Saturday November 12, 2016, AVO received reports from local residents of an avalanche feature on the northeast flank of Frosty Volcano, located 8 mi (13 km) southwest of Cold Bay. Analysis of photographs received by AVO show that a small portion ...
      GareloiNORMALAleutiansThe magnitude 6.0 earthquake that occurred this morning at 09:00 AKDT (17:00 UTC) near Gareloi volcano was part of an ongoing swarm of shallow earthquakes that has been active between Gareloi and Tanaga Islands since April 30. At this time, the ...
      GordonUNASSIGNEDWrangell Volcanic Field
      Great SitkinNORMALAleutiansEarlier this week, AVO released an Information Statement describing an increase in seismic activity at Great Sitkin Volcano in the central Aleutian Islands, possibly starting as early as 30 July 2016. Along with the year-long increase in shallow ...
      GriggsNORMALAlaska Peninsula
      HayesUNASSIGNEDCook Inlet-South Central
      IliamnaNORMALCook Inlet-South CentralJust before midnight on Saturday May 21, AVO detected seismic and pressure sensor signals associated with a large non-volcanic avalanche on the north flank of Iliamna Volcano. Avalanche events are somewhat common at this volcano. The seismic ...
      Imuruk LakeUNASSIGNEDSeward Peninsula
      Ingakslugwat HillsUNASSIGNEDSouthwest Alaska
      AniakchakNORMALAlaska PeninsulaThe Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) has re-established five of the six seismic monitoring instruments at Aniakchak Volcano and can now confidently monitor seismic unrest at the volcano. The maintenance work was completed this summer. With ...
      KaguyakUNASSIGNEDAlaska Peninsula
      KanagaNORMALAleutiansThe level of unrest at Kanaga Volcano has declined to background levels and AVO is reducing the Aviation Color Code and Volcano Alert Level to Green/Advisory. A brief period of elevated seismicity and an associated minor ash emission were ...
      KasatochiUNASSIGNEDAleutiansYesterday, AVO reduced the Aviation Color Code to UNASSIGNED and Volcanic Alert Level to UNASSIGNED following two months of declining regional seismicity and no sign of continuing volcanic unrest.
      KatmaiNORMALAlaska PeninsulaStrong northwest winds in the vicinity of Katmai and the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes have picked up loose volcanic ash erupted during the 1912 Novarupta-Katmai eruption and carried it to the southeast today. As seen in a satellite image from this ...
      KialagvikUNASSIGNEDAlaska Peninsula
      Kookooligit MountainsUNASSIGNEDBering Sea
      KukakUNASSIGNEDAlaska Peninsula
      KupreanofUNASSIGNEDAlaska Peninsula
      Little SitkinUNASSIGNEDAleutiansAVO can no longer seismically monitor the following volcanoes because of seismic station outages. As a result, AVO is unable to (1) assess whether these volcanoes may be building towards an eruption and (2) quickly confirm or dismiss reports of ...
      MageikNORMALAlaska Peninsula
      MartinNORMALAlaska Peninsula
      AugustineNORMALCook Inlet-South CentralThe M7.1 earthquake that occurred this morning at 1:30 AM AKDT between Augustine and Iliamna volcanoes was a result of tectonic plate motions and was not directly related to the volcanoes. According to the Alaska Earthquake Center (AEC), it was ...
      NovaruptaNORMALAlaska Peninsula
      Nunivak IslandUNASSIGNEDSouthwest Alaska
      OkmokNORMALAleutiansAVO reduced the Aviation Color Code to GREEN and the Volcanic Alert Level to NORMAL for Okmok volcano earlier today. Seismic activity at Okmok has been at low to near background levels and satellite views show no activity over the past two weeks. ...
      PavlofADVISORYAlaska PeninsulaNo activity was observed in partly cloudy satellite data. Pavlof was obscured by cloudy weather in web camera images from the past day. No significant activity has been detected in seismic and infrasound data over the past day. The level of ...
      Pavlof SisterUNASSIGNEDAlaska Peninsula
      Behm Canal-Rudyerd BayUNASSIGNEDSoutheast Alaska
      RedoubtNORMALCook Inlet-South CentralAVO detected a series of small repetitive earthquakes near the summit of Redoubt volcano on April 17 - 20 of this week. This swarm was similar in character to those occurring on April 5 - 6, 2010 and in December 2009. As the lava dome and magma in ...
      SanfordUNASSIGNEDWrangell Volcanic FieldFor the past several days, residents of the Copper River Basin have observed and reported a persistent, white cloud streaming from the summit of Mt. Sanford and extending for up to several tens of miles to the south. The cloud was easily visible in ...
      SemisopochnoiUNASSIGNEDAleutiansA decline in seismicity over the last few months and no sign of activity in daily satellite images prompts AVO to downgrade Semisopochnoi volcano from Aviation Color Code YELLOW and Volcanic Alert Level ADVISORY to UNASSIGNED. Following a brief ...
      Black PeakUNASSIGNEDAlaska Peninsula
      ShishaldinNORMALAleutiansThe status of Shishaldin Volcano was lowered to aviation color code GREEN and volcano alert level NORMAL this week following a steady decrease in detected thermal and seismic activity over the past several months. Low-amplitude seismic tremor ...
      SnowyNORMALAlaska Peninsula
      SpurrNORMALCook Inlet-South CentralA possible outburst of water from beneath a glacier on the lower south flank of Mount Spurr was detected beginning about 11:20 AKST on September 11. The flow appears to have been a single event lasting about 20 minutes. Similar and larger duration ...
      St. MichaelUNASSIGNEDSouthwest Alaska
      StellerUNASSIGNEDAlaska Peninsula
      Table Top MtnUNASSIGNEDAleutians
      TakawanghaNORMALAleutiansThe energetic earthquake swarm on Tanaga Island that began on January 23, 2017, declined significantly this week and seismicity is near background levels. As a result, AVO lowered the Aviation Color Code to GREEN and Alert Level to NORMAL for ...
      Tlevak Strait-Suemez IslandUNASSIGNEDSoutheast Alaska
      TridentNORMALAlaska Peninsula
      BogoslofWATCHAleutiansA sequence of seismic events at Bogolsof began to be observed beginning at about 8:00 UTC on August 5 (MIdnight AKDT) and are continuing. Similar sequences have preceded eruptive activity at Bogoslof. In other cases, such activity died down with ...
      Ugashik-PeulikNORMALAlaska PeninsulaOver the past several weeks seismic instruments at UGASHIK-PEULIK volcano have slowly returned to operation. These instruments are solar powered and have likely returned to operation as a result of increased solar input with the changing season. AVO ...
      Ukinrek MaarsNORMALAlaska PeninsulaOver the past several weeks seismic instruments at Ukinrek volcano have slowly returned to operation. These instruments are solar powered and have likely returned to operation as a result of increased solar input with the changing season. AVO is now ...
      Unnamed (near Ukinrek Maars)UNASSIGNEDAlaska Peninsula
      VeniaminofNORMALAlaska PeninsulaAVO downgraded the status of Veniaminof from aviation color code YELLOW to GREEN and from volcano alert level ADVISORY to NORMAL today. Seismic activity, indicative of unrest, at Veniaminof had decreased to background levels during the past two ...
      Stepovak Bay 2UNASSIGNEDAlaska Peninsula
      WrangellUNASSIGNEDWrangell Volcanic FieldAVO can no longer seismically monitor Wrangell volcano because of seismic station outages. As a result, AVO is unable to assess seismic activity at this volcano. As at other volcanoes without real-time seismic networks, AVO will continue to use ...
      YantarniUNASSIGNEDAlaska Peninsula
      Buzzard CreekUNASSIGNEDInterior Alaska
      ChiginagakUNASSIGNEDAlaska Peninsula
      ClevelandWATCHAleutiansUnrest continues at Cleveland Volcano. Elevated surface temperatures were observed in satellite data from this morning. The summit of Cleveland is obscured by cloudy weather in web camera images. No significant activity observed in seismic ...
      DanaUNASSIGNEDAlaska Peninsula
      DenisonUNASSIGNEDAlaska Peninsula
      AmakUNASSIGNEDAlaska Peninsula
      DouglasUNASSIGNEDAlaska Peninsula
      Duncan CanalUNASSIGNEDSoutheast Alaska
      DuttonNORMALAlaska Peninsula
      EdgecumbeUNASSIGNEDSoutheast Alaska
      Emmons Lake Volcanic CenterUNASSIGNEDAlaska Peninsula
      EspenbergUNASSIGNEDSeward Peninsula
      Alaskan VolcanoesNORMALAlaskaNo eruptive activity or unrest has been detected at volcanoes in Alaska this week.
      San Francisco Peaks volcanic fieldUNASSIGNEDArizona
      Uinkaret volcanic fieldUNASSIGNEDArizona
      Lavic LakeUNASSIGNEDCalifornia
      Long Valley Volcanic CenterNORMALCaliforniaFifteen earthquakes with magnitudes between M=1.0 and M=1.8 occurred in the Mammoth Lakes-Long Valley region in the last seven days. The events were located in the Sierra Nevada, with the exception of three earthquakes in the caldera east of the ...
      Mammoth MountainNORMALCalifornia
      Medicine Lake VolcanoNORMALCalifornia
      Mono Lake Volcanic FieldNORMALCalifornia
      Mount ShastaNORMALCalifornia
      Tumble ButtesUNASSIGNEDCalifornia
      Twin ButtesUNASSIGNEDCalifornia
      Ubehebe CratersNORMALCalifornia
      Big CaveUNASSIGNEDCalifornia
      Salton ButtesNORMALCalifornia
      Brushy ButteUNASSIGNEDCalifornia
      Clear LakeNORMALCalifornia
      Coso Volcanic FieldNORMALCalifornia
      Eagle Lake FieldUNASSIGNEDCalifornia
      Golden Trout CreekUNASSIGNEDCalifornia
      Inyo CratersNORMALCalifornia
      Lassen Volcanic CenterNORMALCaliforniaInformation Statement for the November 2-16, 2009, Lassen Peak swarm activity A series of small earthquake swarms beneath the southwest flank of Lassen Peak in Lassen Volcanic National Park that began in the late evening on November 2 continued ...
      Cascade RangeNORMALCascade RangeActivity Update: All volcanoes in the Cascade Range of Oregon and Washington are at normal background levels of activity. These include Mount Baker, Glacier Peak, Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helens, and Mount Adams in Washington State; and Mount Hood, ...
      HaleakalaNORMALHawaiiNo significant changes were detected at Haleakalā during the month of July. One earthquake occurred in the vicinity of the volcano and HVO’s single, continuously recording Global Positioning System (GPS) instrument atop Haleakalā volcano ...
      HualalaiNORMALHawaiiNo significant changes were detected at Hualālai during the month of July. One earthquake greater than 13 km (8 mi) depth and 2 earthquakes shallower than 13 km (8 mi) depth were recorded in the vicinity of the volcano. A continuously recording ...
      KilaueaWATCHHawaiiActivity Summary: Kīlauea Volcano continues to erupt at its summit and from the Pu?u ?ō?ō vent on its East Rift Zone. The episode 61g lava flow from Pu?u ?ō?ō continues to enter the ocean at Kamokuna. Surface flows are active above the ...
      Lo`ihiUNASSIGNEDHawaiiEarthquake activity remained elevated at Lō‘ihi during July with HVO recording 27 earthquakes in the vicinity of the volcano. This is a 75% drop in the total number of Lō‘ihi earthquakes compared to June. Most earthquakes occurred around 12 ...
      Mauna KeaNORMALHawaiiNo significant deformation or seismicity occurred during the month of July. HVO recorded 10 earthquakes deeper than 13 km (8 mi) and 8 shallow earthquakes beneath the volcano in July. A single, continuously recording Global Positioning System (GPS) ...
      Mauna LoaADVISORYHawaiiActivity Summary: Mauna Loa Volcano is not erupting. Rates of deformation and seismicity have not changed significantly in the past week, and continue to be above long-term background levels. Observations: Small-magnitude earthquakes continue ...
      Craters of the Moon volcanic fieldUNASSIGNEDIdaho
      Hells Half Acre volcanic fieldUNASSIGNEDIdaho
      Black Butte Crater Volcanic FieldUNASSIGNEDIdaho
      Wapi Lava FieldUNASSIGNEDIdaho
      CarrizozoUNASSIGNEDNew Mexico
      Valles CalderaUNASSIGNEDNew Mexico
      Zuni-Bandera volcanic fieldUNASSIGNEDNew Mexico
      AgriganUNASSIGNEDNorthern Mariana IslandsIn a satellite image from January 22, NOAA's Washington Volcanic Ash Advisory Center spotted a possible volcanic plume from Agrigan. Neither USGS nor NOAA have received confirmation of a volcanic source for this anomaly and it is likely the cloud ...
      PaganUNASSIGNEDNorthern Mariana IslandsSatellite data and ground-based observations from a field crew and local residents indicate that steam and gas emissions from Mount Pagan Volcano have significantly decreased since March 2015. Based on the decrease in visible emissions and the ...
      RubyUNASSIGNEDNorthern Mariana Islands
      SariganUNASSIGNEDNorthern Mariana IslandsEquipment failure on 29 December resulted in the loss of seismic data from Sarigan, so we are no longer monitoring the volcano with local data. Repair of monitoring systems will be attempted in late January. No unusual seismicity was observed before ...
      Supply ReefUNASSIGNEDNorthern Mariana Islands
      AhyiUNASSIGNEDNorthern Mariana IslandsSeismic activity indicative of submarine eruptions near Ahyi seamount has ended. The last signal from the Ahyi area received on distant seismometers was recorded on May 17. NOAA scientists working in the vicinity of Ahyi on the research vessel ...
      AlamaganUNASSIGNEDNorthern Mariana Islands
      AnatahanNORMALNorthern Mariana IslandsEquipment failure on 29 December resulted in the loss of seismic data from Anatahan, so we are no longer monitoring the volcano with local data. Repair of monitoring systems will be attempted in late January. No unusual seismicity was observed ...
      AsuncionUNASSIGNEDNorthern Mariana Islands
      Esmeralda BankUNASSIGNEDNorthern Mariana Islands
      Farallon de PajarosUNASSIGNEDNorthern Mariana Islands
      GuguanUNASSIGNEDNorthern Mariana Islands
      Maug IslandsUNASSIGNEDNorthern Mariana Islands
      Soda LakesUNASSIGNEDNevada
      Belknap Shield VolcanoUNASSIGNEDOregon
      Jordan CratersUNASSIGNEDOregon
      Mount BachelorUNASSIGNEDOregon
      Mount HoodNORMALOregon
      Mount JeffersonNORMALOregon
      NewberryNORMALOregonRECENTLY INSTALLED MONITORING NETWORK AT NEWBERRY VOLCANO, OREGON, NOW FULLY OPERATIONAL During August 2011, scientists and volunteers from the USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory (CVO) installed eight new real-time seismic and deformation (GPS) ...
      Sand Mountain FieldUNASSIGNEDOregon
      South SisterNORMALOregon
      Lava MountainUNASSIGNEDOregon
      Blue Lake CraterUNASSIGNEDOregon
      Cinnamon ButteUNASSIGNEDOregon
      Crater LakeNORMALOregon
      Davis LakeUNASSIGNEDOregon
      Devils GardenUNASSIGNEDOregon
      Diamond CratersUNASSIGNEDOregon
      Four Craters Lava FieldUNASSIGNEDOregon
      Bald Knoll volcanic fieldUNASSIGNEDUtah
      Black Rock Desert volcanic fieldUNASSIGNEDUtah
      Markagunt Plateau volcanic fieldUNASSIGNEDUtah
      Santa Clara volcanic fieldUNASSIGNEDUtah
      Mount AdamsNORMALWashington
      Mount BakerNORMALWashington
      Glacier PeakNORMALWashington
      Mount St. HelensNORMALWashingtonPosted via the USGS Volcano Notification Service (VNS) http://volcanoes.usgs.gov/vns/ Analysis of current behavior at Mount St. Helens indicates that the volcano remains active and is showing signs of long-term uplift and earthquake activity, ...
      Indian HeavenUNASSIGNEDWashington
      Mount RainierNORMALWashington
      West CraterUNASSIGNEDWashington
      YellowstoneNORMALWyomingSeismicity During July 2017, the University of Utah Seismograph Stations, responsible for the operation and analysis of the Yellowstone Seismic Network, reports 528 earthquakes were located in the Yellowstone National Park (YNP) region. The ...
      Folsoms BluffUNASSIGNEDAlaska
      Amchixtam ChaxsxiiUNASSIGNEDAleutians
      Gas Rocks, theUNASSIGNEDAlaska Peninsula
      Andrew Bay volcanoUNASSIGNEDAleutians
      Ingrisarak MtnUNASSIGNEDSouthwest Alaska
      Iron Trig coneUNASSIGNEDAlaska
      Iskut-Unuk River conesUNASSIGNEDSoutheast Alaska
      JarvisUNASSIGNEDWrangell Volcanic Field
      Jumbo DomeUNASSIGNEDInterior Alaska
      KejulikUNASSIGNEDAlaska Peninsula
      Klawasi GroupUNASSIGNEDWrangell Volcanic Field
      Knob 1000UNASSIGNEDAlaska
      Kochilagok HillUNASSIGNEDSouthwest Alaska
      Koyuk-Buckland volcanicsUNASSIGNEDSeward Peninsula
      Lost Jim ConeUNASSIGNEDSeward Peninsula
      MorzhovoiUNASSIGNEDAlaska Peninsula
      Nelson IslandUNASSIGNEDSouthwest Alaska
      Nushkolik Mountain volcanic fieldUNASSIGNEDSouthwest Alaska
      Basalt of Gertrude CreekUNASSIGNEDAlaska
      Prindle VolcanoUNASSIGNEDInterior Alaska
      Rainbow River coneUNASSIGNEDAlaska
      Skookum CreekUNASSIGNEDWrangell Volcanic Field
      St. George volcanic fieldUNASSIGNEDBering Sea
      St. Paul IslandUNASSIGNEDBering Sea
      Blue MtnUNASSIGNEDAlaska Peninsula
      Suemez IslandUNASSIGNEDSoutheast Alaska
      Tanada PeakUNASSIGNEDWrangell Volcanic Field
      Togiak volcanicsUNASSIGNEDSouthwest Alaska
      Trader MtnUNASSIGNEDAlaska Peninsula
      Ungulungwak Hill-Ingrichuak HillUNASSIGNEDSouthwest Alaska
      Stepovak Bay 1UNASSIGNEDAlaska Peninsula
      Stepovak Bay 3UNASSIGNEDAlaska Peninsula
      Stepovak Bay 4UNASSIGNEDAlaska Peninsula
      Wide Bay coneUNASSIGNEDAleutians
      Lone basaltUNASSIGNEDAlaska Peninsula
      Unimak 5270UNASSIGNEDAleutians
      Monogenetic QT vents of WWVFUNASSIGNEDWrangell Volcanic Field
      Ingenstrem Depression Volcanic FieldUNASSIGNEDAlaska
      Western ConesUNASSIGNEDAleutians
      CapitalUNASSIGNEDWrangell Volcanic Field
      Churchill, MtUNASSIGNEDWrangell Volcanic Field
      Cone 3110UNASSIGNEDAlaska
      Cone 3601UNASSIGNEDAlaska
      AlagogshakUNASSIGNEDAlaska Peninsula
      Devils DeskUNASSIGNEDAlaska Peninsula
      Double GlacierUNASSIGNEDCook Inlet-South Central
      DrumUNASSIGNEDWrangell Volcanic Field
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